Anker’s Nano II 100W USB-C GaN charger went on sale and marketed out speedily

At CES 2022, Anker introduced an addition to its Nano II USB-C charger lineup with this more highly effective variation sporting two USB-C ports capable of outputting up to 100W, as well as an aged faculty USB-A charging port. Now the Anker Nano II 100W (also identified as the Anker 736 charger) has popped up for sale on Amazon (through MacRumors), and quickly marketed out on Friday. Now, (as of Monday afternoon at 2:33PM ET) it is offered to purchase on Amazon for $75.99, but with shipping dates scheduled for the close of June.

The Nano II chargers use the company’s 2nd-generation version of gallium nitride-centered parts that swap older charger’s silicon factors to pump out much more electric power in a smaller sized offer with much less warmth. In accordance to Anker, the Nano II 100W is 34 percent lesser than Apple’s 96W charger, with comparable capabilities additionally two additional ports that support you lower the selection of objects you are going to require to maintain all of your gadgets powered up. A person other in addition is that its speedy charging is compatible with a vast array of gadgets, with USB Power Shipping and delivery 3. PPS (programmable electricity conventional), and Fast Demand 3. aid.

Image: Anker

The caveat with this charger is that its USB-C ports are capable of up to 100W electrical power output — but that is only genuine when you have just one system plugged into a person of them. Lots of notebooks and other products need appreciably considerably less electricity than that to demand or even speedy charge, but it can be anything to think about if you have a more substantial MacBook Pro. Applying the two USB-C ports at the same time cuts max output to 60W from the 1st slot and 40W from the 2nd — Anker has a chart to crack it down even more.

Single Port: USB-C 1 (100W Max) / USB-C 2 (100W Max) / USB-A (22.5W Max) Dual Port: USB-C 1 + USB-C 2 (60W Max + 40W Max) / USB-C 1 + USB-A (80W Max + 18W Max) / USB-C 2 + USB-A (60W Max + 22.5W Max) Triple Port: USB-C 1 (45W Max), USB-C 2 (30W Max), USB-A (18W Max)

Anker 736 charging guide
Graphic: Anker

Anker isn’t the only firm making use of gallium nitride (GaN) for smaller sized, much more strong chargers — Apple’s 1st brick with the tech is the 140W ability source that ships with the 16-inch MacBook Professional — but it has been forward of the pack considering the fact that exhibiting off its initial GaN electric power adapter in 2018.

In an interview with The Verge EiC Nilay Patel on the Decoder podcast last slide, Anker CEO Steven Yang explained why his organization has been so rapid to introduce GaN and iterate items dependent on it.

Gallium nitride is a vital enabling know-how that strike the market all-around three many years back, but you are already speaking about the third generation. Is gallium nitride a technologies that you have to commit engineering resources in? Is there a supplier pipeline or a materials science pipeline? How do you control that expense?

Anker was really the to start with to introduce gallium nitride to consumer electronics charging. The way we ended up capable to do that was by partnering with the frontier chipset producers who created the gallium nitride charging chip. We ended up almost their alpha purchaser. So when the chip was to start with formulated, it’s a ton of hoops to leap through to make it into a products. That demands not only product science know-how, but also application awareness, process architecture know-how, and awareness about taking care of warmth. It’s almost a process energy. We accumulate awareness in that, and pair that alongside one another with the gallium nitride chips and the manufacturer to build them into items.

You will be seeing the GaN2 this calendar year at the 65-watt sizing and the 30-watt sizing. We’ve been working with Power Innovations for virtually a yr on that. GaN2 is the brand name new era of chips that we introduced in the center of this year. GaN2’s 65-watt sizing was a fraction of the competition’s.

The reason we were being ready to do that is primarily based on Ability Innovations’ latest generation of their GaN2. We have been the sole associate for nearly a calendar year producing that — you will not be seeing similar solutions coming from other models for at the very least 3 to six months because PI and Anker are working together, solely.

So Anker and PI have had an exclusive partnership to develop the up coming generation GaN chipset, and then that window opens a few to 6 months later on so other people can purchase that chipset.


Anker US media relations head Tyler Mallery verified to The Verge that the charger did, in truth, launch and that Anker is ready for far more stock to get there. The 736 charger is in shorter adequate supply that it’s not even outlined on Anker’s website however, but if this is the charger you have been ready for, preserve an eye on that Amazon page to see when it returns.

Update April 25th, 2:37PM ET: Up-to-date to reflect the availability of orders on Amazon.